Wetterchronik 1241

Infos Neuer Eintrag Übersicht

6. Oktober

Totale Sonnenfinsternis wird in Split beobachtet eingetragen von Mark am 8. Oktober 2001

Diese Totalitätszone verlief auch quer über Deutschland (Nordwestdeutschland bis Südostbayern).

"In this same year, namely 1241 from the Incarnation, on the 6th day from the beginning of October, on Sunday,
the Sun was again eclipsed and all the air was darkened. There was gresat terror among everyone, just as in
that eclipse which happened three years previously, as we have attested above."

Refers to a solar eclipse in Split of 6 October 1241.


From: Thomae Historia Pontificum Salonitanorum et Spalatinorum.
Quoted in Historical Eclipses and Earth's Rotation, by F Richard Stephenson, Cambridge University Press,
1997, page 401.


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