Wetterchronik 1147

Infos Neuer Eintrag Übersicht

26. Oktober

Ringförmige Sonnenfinsternis wird in Brauweiler beobachtet eingetragen von Mark am 8. Oktober 2001

Die englische Übersetzung des Chronik-Eintrages:

"On Sunday, the 7th day before the Kalends of November (Oct 26), a solar eclipse occurred at the 3rd hour and
persisted until after the 6th . This eclipse stood fixed and motionless for a whole hour, as noted on the 'clock' . . .
During this hour a circle of different colours and spinning rapidly was said to be in the way."


Refers to an annular eclipse in Brauweiler, Germany, of 26 October 1147.
From: Annales Brunwilarensis.
Quoted in Historical Eclipses and Earth's Rotation, by F Richard Stephenson, Cambridge University Press,
1997, page 394.


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