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ASTRONOMIE: Feuerkugel über Österreich

Geschrieben von: Mark (Niederbayern)
Datum: 15. Mai 2000, 12:48 Uhr

ich hab gerade eine Info über 2 extrem helle Tageslicht-Feuerkugeln bekommen. Eine am 6. Mai um 11:51 UT und eine am 10. Mai um 17:15 UT. Beide Feuerkugeln sollen so hell wie die Sonne gewesen sein. Die zweite muß auch von Österreich aus zu sehen gewesen sein. Hat vielleicht jemand von euch irgendeine ungewöhnliche Beobachtung gemacht (z.B. Rauchwolke, oder gar die Feuerkugel selbst beobachtet)? Ich wohne ja auch nicht weit von Österreich entfernt. Hab an diesem Tag aber nichts bemerkt. Videoaufnahmen oder Fotos hab ich an dem Tag auch nicht gemacht, auf denen zufällig was von der Feuerkugel drauf sein könnte.



you will be probably interested in our last case from May 6.
Thousands of people observed extremely bright daylight bolide
over the southern Poland and north-eastern Moravia on May 6,
at 11:51:25 UT. It was a really huge event - at the maximum
the brightness was comparable with the Sun! Just after the bolide,
the meteorite fall was observed on the garden at small silesian
village Moravka (Ostrava and Beskydy mountain region) and one
very nice small meteorite (214.2g) was immediately found.
What is very important for us is the fact that we already have three
good quality videorecords of this event and thus we are able
completely reconstruct the atmospheric trajectory and also
heliocentric orbit. In this respect it is the fifth case in the history.
For your information I am sending you two pictures of the meteorite
and also three digitized pictures from one videorecord where
is the phase before disruption of the main body. We have also
very detailed record of the terminal part of the trajectory and there
is a lot of pieces - in any case more than 20. The classification
of the meteorite will be definitively done in the mid of the next
week, now we know that it is stony meteorite, and probably not very
common case. Now the meteorite is in the labs in Italy for radionuclides
testing. If you will be ineterested I will inform you next week about
our computations and classification of the meteorite. Unfotunately
I have a broken leg with leg in plaster and it means that I am not so
mobile like usually. Therefore I am writing from my home address
but I am at office also.

Moreover, on Wednesday May 10 we have the second case with
practically the same brightness!!! and also during daylight - 17:15:25
This fireball flew over southerm part of Moravia and terminated over
north-eastern part of Austria. We have a lot of visual observations
from our country, Slovakia but no one from Austria.

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